Cutting edge healthcare AI technology for medical companies, university research labs, and startups.

Experts in medical imaging segmentation, diagnostic classification and regression, cutting edge open source deep learning models, neural network architecture, biomedical datasets, radiology DICOM data, and more!

The Future of Medicine is AI

Advanced AI modeling of medical data
We bring the latest neural network technology to our clients. Whether modern transformer architectures or 3D medical segmentation algorithms, we are always on the cutting edge. The cloud of GPU's at our disposal are used to train neural networks on all types of healthcare datasets - sensor data, 1D time-series, 2D or even 3D medical imaging.

Custom clinical webapps for clinical studies and collaborating
Turn any algorithm or idea into a live webapp, instead of sharing code or slideshows with colleagues and clinicians. We build customized, intuitive, easy-to-use webapps that are built to share AI results with others. Functional, serverless, cloud-based systems will allow you to accelerate the deployment of your ideas.

Intuitive dashboards for data visualization and analysis
Built-to-order 3D renderings, live dashboards of AI training runs, or semi-transparent segmentation overlays provide insights and presentation-ready dashboards. We are experienced in 3D visualization tools like plotly and VTK, self-supervised AI techniques, and data analysis tools like xgboost and scikit. Our data techniques will allow you to extract insights and value today.


Value Delivery

Full Stack Custom AI

Theta Tech has the cross-spectrum ability to build custom artificial intelligence algorithms as well as front end user-interfaces.

We work closely with our clients and follow an iterative design process that ensures full optimization of your company's data and systems.

Given our full stack capabilities, we make it simple for your company to bolt-on powerful analytics in one deliverable project.

Algorithm Experimental Design

We work with clinical and medical data sets and have expertise in  improving AI accuracy and efficiency.

We have worked with products across the entire pipeline, from early research endeavors to medical device prototypes to FDA approved devices and software.

We take seriously every dataset we handle and treat it as if it was our own personal information.

Intuitive Use

We build our interfaces with the end user in mind, whether it be clinicians, your company's analytics team, or your customers.

We value seamless use and frictionless user experience.

Simplistic layouts, ability for in-house AI algorithm training, and any support you may need with your new tool are what we are experts in.


To put it simply, data runs in our veins.

Finding the optimal way to prepare, analyze, interpret, and display complex information is like a hot cup of coffee to us.

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

We have extensive experience implementing new AI structures into businesses as well as refining existing AI that your company may already have.

Most importantly, we build our AI and Deep Learning code in such a way that you can understand and harness its power without any guidance.  

See our Case Study example for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning


Working with clinical and non-clinical data, we analyze various medical data streams and unique data formats to find correlations and develop predictive statistics.

See our Case Study example for Biostatistics

Data Visualization

Marrying 2D ultrasound imagery with 3D MRI imagery, visualizing AI analytics on an intuitive dashboard, and processing clinical trial data into an automated report are a few examples of how we've handled data visualization.

Experts in Medical and Biological Data

From multivariate clinical trail data to processing hospital information, we excel in working with various data types, sources, and sizes. We fine tune our AI, neural networks, and deep learning systems to optimize accuracy and precision of our analytics.

We understand that healthcare data is deeply personal and we treat it accordingly, adhering to all HIPAA privacy guidelines.

Case Studies

Previous projects delivered to clients

About the Founder

Dr. Robert Toth, founded Theta Tech in 2014 and has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. His dissertation was focused on 3D image morphing techniques for comparing pre-laser-treatment and post-laser-treatment prostate MRI images to quantitatively determine treatment effectiveness.

He's published over 25 peer-reviewed papers on artificial intelligence for medical image analysis and has co-invented several medical AI patents.

Notable Patents

  • Image Similarity-Based Finite Element Model Registration” by Robert Toth, Anant Madabhushi, United States US 14/225,850, Mar, 2014. Link
  • Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) of Cancer Using Multi-Functional in vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and Imaging (MRI)” by Anant Madabhushi, Satish Viswanath, Pallavi Tiwari, Robert Toth, Mark Rosen, John Tomaszeweski, Michael Feldman, PCT/US08/81656, Oct. 2008. Link

Notable Publications

  • Toth, R., et al. “A Multi-Attribute, Non-Initializing, Texture Reconstruction Based Active Shape Model (MANTRA),” MICCAI 5241, pp. 653-661, 2008. doi: 10.1007/978-3-540-85988-8_78
  • Toth, R., Kurhanewicz, J., Madabhushi, A. “Registration of Pre and Post Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Prostate MRI for Quantification of MR Imaging Marker Changes and Precise Local Prostate Deformations” ISMRM 2013.

See a complete list of Dr. Toth's patents, theses, and publications here.